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I am trying to build a customized kernel using kernel-package. My currently installed kernel-image-2.4.21-powerpc prays having been compiled using kernel-patch-2.4.21-powerpc. But if I download and install it, I can't guess the means to apply it.

This creates a directory /usr/src/kernel-patches/powerpc/, and inside the apply and unpatch subdirectories appears a 0powerpc. That digit seems to mean that this is to be applied by a run-parts script, but when I run make-kpkg kernel-image, is seems like the patch is not applied (it should leave traces under the debian subdirectory at the main kernel-source directory).

I have tried running ../kernel-patches/powerpc/apply/0powerpc before make-kpkg, and bizarrely enough I have compilation errors.

For compiling, I use exactly the original /boot/config-2.4.21-powerpc placed by the kernel-image package.

$ dpkg -l kernel* | grep ^ii
ii kernel-doc-2.4 2.4.21-2 Linux kernel specific documentation for vers
ii  kernel-image-2 2.4.21-1       Linux kernel binary image.
ii kernel-package 8.042 A utility for building Linux kernel related
ii  kernel-patch-2 20030706-1     Reduces the latency of the Linux kernel
ii  kernel-patch-2 20030617-4     Reduces the latency of the Linux kernel
ii  kernel-patch-2 2.4.21-1       Diffs to the kernel source for PowerPC
ii kernel-patch-s 0.99.27 Scripts to help dealing with packaged kernel ii kernel-source- 2.4.21-2 Linux kernel source for version 2.4.21 with

I see kernel-source version is 2.4.21-2 but kernel-patch version is 2.4.21-1, could this be the reason? Any ideas?

Regards, Ismael

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