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Re: DRI on Summer 2000 iMac - still no luck

On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 22:11, Joss Winn wrote: 
> I mentioned this to the list a couple of months ago. Since then,
> I've upgraded to XFree86 4.3 and am running sid with kernel 2.4.21.

For the record, what does

dmesg | grep drm


> I've had DRI working with this machine when running X 4.1 and know
> it works.  However, since moving to 4.2/4.3, it's been broken.  
> I've included my X log and config file.  If anyone can figure out
> what is going wrong, I'd love to hear.

I wish I knew... The only things I can think of for you to try is to
disable some 2D acceleration primitives with the "XaaNo..." options
described in the XF86Config-4 manpage, and not to use Option "UseFBDev".

> The log file was produced when I set the config to 16bit.  When I do
> this, DRI is initiated but I get a split plain green and white screen 
> and no GUI.  I've set the config to 15bit for now, so I can get 
> working 2D.

You could also comment out the

	Load	"dri"

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