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/dev/rtc again...

Hi all...

I am trying to get the example from the Linux source
(Documentation/rtc.txt) to actually work... however it always fails...


			RTC Driver Test Example.

ioctl: Invalid argument

but it is there... and also /dev/rtc:

cat /proc/driver/rtc 
rtc_time	: 08:52:06
rtc_date	: 2003-07-15
rtc_epoch	: 1900
alarm		: 00:00:00
DST_enable	: no
BCD		: yes
24hr		: yes
square_wave	: no
alarm_IRQ	: no
update_IRQ	: no
periodic_IRQ	: no
periodic_freq	: 0
batt_status	: okay

Does anyone know what to do to get it really working ?


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