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Re: bluetooth, gprs

On July 15, 10:32 (+0200), Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:
> > What are the traps to avoid ?
> err traps ? the t68i worked nicely with gammu/multisync here ... maybe
> you decide which phone you would like to be the owner of and then look
> whether the apps you would want to use cooperate nicely.

  Maybe the traps are not on the phone side, but about choosing a
  Bluetooth device for your computer (if BT is not integrated) which is
  supported by Linux.

  When it comes to adding an external BT-device, you have a choice
  between PCCard, USB, and serial devices, the less expensive (I think)
  and most easily set up being nowadays USB dongles, and a list of
  supported hardware is available at :


  See also the web page of the official Bluetooth stack for Linux,

  About the phone, it's entirely your personal preference, but, of
  course, when it comes to Bluetooth, free software is usually
  developped (or at least, deeply tested) mostly on (Sony)Ericsson.

Thomas Seyrat

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