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Re: Printing problems - again!

On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 06:57:11PM -0300, Jos? Le?nidas Bier Brasileiro wrote:
>     A few days ago I managed to make my system actually print through CUPS. 
> But, unfortunately I upgraded some software (KDE 2.2 to KDE 3.1) and 
> apparently things got messed in the process and I can't print anymore. The 
> end of the booting report (dmesg) shows a stupid line near the bottom:
>    "lp: driver loaded but no devices found"

That's completely immaterial. The 'lp' driver is just to support a
printer on a parallel port - and if you have a Mac, I doubt you have one
of those.

>     What does that mean? I was printing normally before the upgrade... I 
> tried removing the printer via http://localhost/631 but after I can't 
> configure a new one...

What do you mean, you can't configure a new one? If you go into "Admin",
you should be able to add a printer. How is the printer in question
attached to your computer? Serial port, USB, network?

>    I know a hard way of printing again, that is re-installing the whole 
> system. Frankly, I'm trying to avoid that.

Not a solution. Though it sounds like you're missing something.

Derrik Pates

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