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Re: Raw device for DVD

On  10 Jul, this message from Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra
echoed through cyberspace:
> 	I am trying to use /dev/rdvd as a symbolic link to /dev/raw/raw1, as
> per the xine instructions to try to make DVD viewing usable.
> 	The thing is that xine claims to be unable to use the raw device.
> 	/dev/raw/raw1 and /dev/rdvd have precisely the same disk group
> owernship and rwxrwxr_x permissions as have /dev/hdc, /dev/dvd and
> /dev/cdrom, and these work just fine, even if slowly...

Yes. Are you sure your kernel supports raw device access:

pooh:/mnt# cat /proc/devices|grep raw
162 raw

If you don't get that line, your kernel doesn't support raw device
access (or it's compiled as a module?).



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