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Snapshot backup of debian installation

Recently I tried to make a snapshot backup (mirroring, cloning) of my 1GB
debian installation partition. For that purpose I prepared an empty 2GB
LINUX partition on my external FireWire drive.
Within MacOS X  and having Ext2FS_1.0a3 installed I first cloned my
installation to the FireWire partition with CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner, by Mike
Bombich). That took me about 2,5 hours. My intention was to update this
snapshot from time to time with the rsync -av --delete command in MacOS X.
So I used rsync after CCC. When I booted into the cloned snapshot, the
system was able to boot and I could use kde as normal. But I think some of
the symbolic or hard links were broken. So I don't think the installation
was really cloned and usable for a back-cloning.

What is you recommendation of such an approach? I also thought of an rsync
within debian. But to be able to do this I need PCMCIA support on my
Wallstreet G3 (for my FireWire PCMCIA card) and FireWire support and
function, which I still couldn't get to work. I also would prefer to do the
backup within MacOS X as it is my main working area.

I use woody with the 2.4.21ben2 kernel.

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