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Re: {firewire,modem,superdrive}problems with 2.4.21-ben2

> So is all I can do sit and wait or would it help to supply some infos
> from what I get in xmon ?

xmon infos are always useful, especially if you have loaded the
System.map along with the kernel (using sysmap= option in yaboot)

> btw, I see my logs getting filled when using ifplugd and when I am on
> airport only with:
> Jul  6 18:20:12 no kernel: eth0: switching to forced 100bt
> Jul  6 18:20:19 no kernel: eth0: switching to forced 10bt
> I simply removed the offending lines from the kernel then it stopped...
> could this patch be included in your tree ?

No, just ifconfig eth0 down when you don't need it


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