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Re: Kernel-headers

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Markus Frauenfelder wrote:

> Hello 
> I just installed and compiled benh's 2.4.21-ben2.
> It works perfectly on my titanium (even the HD-LED ;-))
Yes, the HD-LED is great, one of the biggest improvements ;-)

> As I got some problems in working with mol. I looked for the kernel-headers.
> But for 2.4.21 they do not (yet) exist. Are they obsolete or just not yet
> released?
What kind of troubles? mol works very well on my tibook (2.4.21-ben2), the 
only problem with the new kernel is no acceleration.

The acceleration is maybe a mistake in my kernel config, does anyone have 
2.4.21-ben2 with drm-trunk and no trouble? can you sendme your kernel 
config please?

> thanks
> markus

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