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Re: 2.4.21-benh2 bug?

Il mer, 2003-07-02 alle 23:30, emorfin@caracol.red.cinvestav.mx ha
> Hi!
> i upgrade my kernel to 2.4.21-benh2
> All was great, but when i logout kde, or try to restart xserver (kdm) or i 
> try to turnoff my box (tibook 15") it give me a black screen and:
> kernel BUG at page_alloc.c:106!
> vector:0 at pc = c00373c0, Ir c00373c0
> msr = 9032, sp = ef751e00 [ef751d48]
> current = ef750000, pid = 294, comm = XFree86
> mon>

This bug is already present in 2.4.21-ben1. See

I think that there is not yet a fix.


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