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Re: sound

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Frank Murphy wrote:

> > i desinstaled xmmsarts package, because i upgrade to kde 3.1.2, and it
> > uses libarts1, not libarts. if i try to install xmmsarts package the
> > system would desinstall all kde.
> I assume that you upgraded to KDE 3.1.2 from the kde.org site, not from 
> Debian's sarge or sid, right? If that's the case, it seem that kde.org 
> doesn't support xmms users using arts. The Debian Woody packages can't know 
> what the kde.org packages have done. You'll have to compile xmmsarts 
> yourself.
i would try, but when i do:

apt-get source xmmsarts

it download 3 packages:


what i should do with the 3 files? (i never used apt-get source before, 
and i'm new in debian)

> > thats right, but if i enable arts as user, still no konsole sound.
> > in what groups the users should be?
> The user should be in the audio group, I believe. Can you test the sound? In 
> the control center, there's a panel for sound system and a "test sound" 
> button. Do you hear anything?
the user is in the groups:


and no sound.

> Frank

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