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Re: sound

> i desinstaled xmmsarts package, because i upgrade to kde 3.1.2, and it
> uses libarts1, not libarts. if i try to install xmmsarts package the
> system would desinstall all kde.

I assume that you upgraded to KDE 3.1.2 from the kde.org site, not from 
Debian's sarge or sid, right? If that's the case, it seem that kde.org 
doesn't support xmms users using arts. The Debian Woody packages can't know 
what the kde.org packages have done. You'll have to compile xmmsarts 

> thats right, but if i enable arts as user, still no konsole sound.
> in what groups the users should be?

The user should be in the audio group, I believe. Can you test the sound? In 
the control center, there's a panel for sound system and a "test sound" 
button. Do you hear anything?


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