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Re: alpha version of knoppix MiB ppc looks for testeurs

i just tryed the version 2e.

i have a 15" tibook

it works great, but:

it can't boot with X, i have to boot in "knoppix 3", then copy my 
XF86Config-4 to /etc/X11/, and the /etc/gpm.conf file too, then startx.

still no aceleration. (now i'm not in mi tibook, but if is necesary i can 
send you the XFree.0.log file.)

I have some questions:

how do you mount hfsplus filesystem. i saw de module, but how do you get 
the module? is it in 2.4.21 kernel? (i have 2.4.20benh10 kernel)

is the /usr/src/kernel-headers*/.config the file you use to compile the 
knoppix kernel?

in knoppix-MIB in kde3.1.2 it is active the arts, but xmms use the OSS 
driver. If i tryed to do this (kde3.1.2 too) xmms give me an error 
message, about the apropiate plugin. How can i use arts and OSS?

I will continue testing the disc, and tell you my results. If you need 
some logs or something else to test, just tellme please.

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