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Re: Supported systems (Was: Apple PowerMac G5)

So far, YDL isn't doing any developement work on the kernel or
drivers. They do support me in some ways, they do a bunch of testing and
they have a lot of work setting up a working userland environement, but
most of the PowerMac driver work to support new machines is done by me
on my spare time. (And I live in France ;)

	*Very* nice to know.  Do you mean you are the main driver developer for
the PowerMacs?

I maintain the PowerMac port of the kernel, yes.

	BTW, do you have your G5 already?  ;-)

No :(

Personally, I have found a neat system for getting machines in the hands of developers. My last purchase was a ibook2 rev A; ordered on the day they were announced. I bought it using the apple store web site. For the shipto address, I used the address of Tom Rini who received the machine. Tom made sure the kernel/X/Debian ran on the machine and then sent it to me.

In other words, you can't expect a 2-6 person small business to keep byuing machines for people like Ben. You can however see that your next Apple purchase goes to them for a few weeks instead of directly to you. In this case, you get the machine with a small delay and you help powermac development.

Do you live in France? Are you going to buy a G5? Then put Ben down as the shipping address. Its that simple folks.....

Jeramy Smith

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