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Need recommendation for tape drive for new G4

I'm looking at purchasing a dual 1.25GHz PowerMac with an 80GB or 120GB HDD. I need a tape backup unit and have been quoted prices by my local Apple reseller for the following units.
   1) Sony AIT1 35/90 Internal Tape Drive.
   2) Sony AIT2 50/130 Internal Tape Drive.
   3) Exabyte Ecrix 33/66 Internal Tape Drive.

Are these supported by linux?
Is anyone using them and how do they rate?
Any other recommendations for tape drives to be used with Debian GNU/Linux???

This is for a small company and the quality of the backups is extremely important, so I'm not after cheap and nasty.

Please CC to me as well as the list.
Many thanks,
Brendan Simon.

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