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Re: Powerbook G4: Mac OS X does not boot again

Clive Menzies wrote:

On (01/01/70 02:37), Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Clive Menzies wrote:

[ ... ]

I presume when you booted off the CD, you tried changing the start-up
disc to the OSX partition?  I may be wrong but checking the partition
wouldn't necessarily highlight problems with the boot sequence.  If it
were me, I'd try to re-install OSX although I guess you may have
already done that?

Clive, thanks again for your help ... and yes, I've already finished
just about half an hour ago a (IIRC)so-called "Clean Install" of
Mac OS X, which, if I understood it correctly, gave me a fresh install
without touching my basic OS X settings from the previous one ....
I still need Mac OS X for the CD stuff, that I didn't have the time and
knowledge so far to get it running on Debian Linux.
   And, the absolutely most important thing at all: I have a (free) PacMan
version (I think it's something like PacMan), called MacMame, on
Mac OS X, which I definitely will not give up until I have this game
on Debian, too .. :)

OK, back to ugly problems:
The mistake I probably made, which was causing all the mess with
OS X, that I could not boot any more was perhaps the fact I deleted
IIRC nearly everything in Mac OS X's /var/log folder (except some
.dot-files, IIRC):
rm -rf /var/log/* (or a command similar to it)

I was too lazy to do a
cat /dev/null
on every single file in the /log folder and simply removed nearly the
whole stuff in it without realizing at this very moment that the
binaries (I *think* there are some there) could be essential for
running and starting OS X ....  ) I thought OS X would recreate
them after I deleted them, which perhaps was wrong for the
binaries (?) there ..

As for Debian on the other partitions:
I'll restart the Debian Install with the first Installation CD
(because after the OS X install Debian doesn't boot any more),
mount the /  partition  and /proc and do I simple
ybin -v
and see what happens ... I hope this will work ...If not I'll do a fresh
install of Debian  ....

Thanks again, Clive, and Sorry for having taken your time: I
remembered the deletions I made in /var/log only *after* my
first postings on this subject...

Best Regards
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