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no network connection after kernel compilation


I have a new Powerbook G4 12'' and I installed debian-linux (woody) on it. After recompiling
the kernel (2.4.20-ben10) somehow the network-connection does not work. At startup
I get the script whether I want to configure a new network-environment.  When I am
connected to the ethernet via dhcp-server and I am booting some 2.4.20-ben5 kernel
which I downloaded, everything works fine. With the new kernel, I do not get
any errormessages. Also the network-card seems to be recognized (Sun GEM). But if I do ifconfig,
there is no ip-adress and no broadcast-adress. 

Any parameter or option I forgot to set ?

After the lines

eth0: Sun GEM (PCI) ...
etho: Found BCM5221 PHY
it says

GMAC: can't request IO source

Is this connected to it ?

Thanks for any help !


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