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First of all you're getting the error because you have to edit the yaboot.conf 
file as super user you can do so by typing 'su -c "nano -c /etc/yaboot.conf"'
as for how to set up dual boot, type in a search in google and it'll give you 
info on that.


On Tuesday 10 June 2003 09:40, Leonidas Brasileiro wrote:
> Hello there!
>      My name is Leonidas, I'm writing from Brazil and I'm having some
> problems with yaboot.conf on my iMac.
>      I contacted Branden Robinson earlier and he gave m some hints about
> editing yaboot.conf and using ybin to modify yaboot. I used the command
> editor, but it does not allow me to write the necessary changes to
> /etc/yaboot.conf.
> The NANO editor shows the message "COULD NOT OPEN FILE FOR WRITING:
> How can I do it? How do I use ybin? How do I get and install a GUI for
> Debian?
>      For instance, my yaboot.conf file look as follows:
>      ##COMMENTS
>      boot=/de/hda6
>      device=hd:
>      partition=8
>      root=/dev/hda8
>      timeout=30
>      install=/usr/lin=b/yaboot/yaboot
>      magicboot=/usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot
>      image=/vmlinux
>           label=Linux
>           read-only
>      I´m trying to create a dual boot, so I can choose MacOS or Debian when
> starting my machine.
>      Thanks a lot for your help.
>      Leonidas

Jule Slootbeek
617 901 6958

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