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Re: mounting old ext2 - "does not exist"

This is pretty confusing; can you post the results of

mac-fdisk -l
mount /dev/hdb8 /oldsuse
sure... (sorry for the confusion)

debian2:~# mount /dev/hdb8 /oldsuse
mount: mount point /oldsuse does not exist

As Rogerio says, mkdir /oldsuse
So, just possibly, you can use mac-fdisk to create hdb7 and hdb8
as normal linux partitions -- use e.g.

c 7p 7p suse1

So that you don't change the sizes at all. (Be sure you're editing hdb
of course). Write the map to disk, and see if the mount command works
after rebooting. The idea is that maybe the partition got deleted from
the partition map, but really still has the ext2 filesystem on it

Thank you, Chris and Rogerio.  I forgot to create the dir first:

cd /
mkdir /oldsuse
mount /dev/hdb8 /oldsuse
cd /oldsuse
[shows list of old data files]


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