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mounting old ext2 - "does not exist"


How can I get the debian system to recognize an SuSE ppc ext2 partition?
Adding a line to /etc/fstab doesn't seem to work:
/dev/hdb8  /oldsuse  ext2  defaults

On a BWG3, have a partition table that looks like (ref, type):
(misc apple partitions omitted)

# hda has debian and macos installed (and working)

hda2 --not available -- NewWorld bootblock
hda6 --not available -- HFS
hda7 --not available -- HFS
hda8 swap  Linux Swap
hda9 -- not mounted -- Linux native # debian root /

# hdb was hda with SuSE 7.3ppc on it -- partitions have not be re-writtent or initialized

hdb5 -- not mounted -- Apple_HFS
hdb6 -- not mounted -- Apple_HFS
hdb7 -- not available --- Apple_Free  # SuSE linux /boot
hdb8 -- not available -- Apple_Free # was SuSE root partition

I'm willing to re-install debian if necessary... I need access to the old data.

Thanks in advance,

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