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Re: Wanted: PVR Mentor

>>>>> On Mon, 2 Jun 2003 16:53:41 -0500, Michael Heironimus <mkh01@earthlink.net> said:

m> Most Hauppauge WinTV cards are bt8x8 cards, which would work with this
m> driver. However, the WinTV PVR series that the original poster referred
m> to is unrelated. They use a real-time hardware MPEG2 encoder, and I
m> don't think anybody's written a Linux driver for it yet (let alone one
m> that would work on a non-Intel platform).

        There's one under development (still early but some people are
already using it for MythTV):


I don't know how difficult it would be to port to a PPC platform.

m> I could be wrong, but I think the WinTV PVR cards can't do hardware MPEG
m> decoding at all. They're just for capture, but you get a CD of Windows
m> software that includes the MPEG2 codec for playback.

        The WinTV PVR-250 has no decoder.  The WinTV PVR-350 (which
the OP referred to) does have one (but no Linux driver AFAIK):

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr.

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