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Re: getting external monitors to work with 15" powerbook

On Monday 26 May 2003 18:13, John Leach wrote:
> My friend has the same problem with his Radeon 7500 (mine is a Radeon
> 9000).

I got the external monitor in my iBook (Radeon 7.5k) to work with XFree86 4.2 
(+ dri-trunk) but upgraded to XFree86 4.3 recently (dstone packages), which 
broke everything. Neither installing dri-trunk-sid nor downgrading solved the 
problem, so now I'm stuck with no external VGA as well.

Had to do one presentation on OSX already, the next one will follow next week, 
let's hope I'll get it work work till then :(


Play for fun, win for freedom.

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