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Re: resetting journal on ext3 system ...

Hi Frank,

I had rebooted, a couple of times actually - and the problem persisted.

I ended up copying my root partition over to a spare partition.  Doing
that, still only ~ 76 MB of files were copied.  I booted from that for
a while, tried to work on my original root partition, but couldn't see
what was taking up the space.  I eventually had to re-format it, copy
my backup back to their original partition, and now I am back to about
76 MB using on that FS, around where it should be.

Really strange though...  Thanks again.


On Thu, 22 May 2003, Frank Gevaerts wrote:

> ISTR that the journal is fixed-size, so that is unlikely to be the
> problem. I guess you have some unlinked open files on that filesystem.
> Try running "lsof +aL1", and check if there are large files listed. If
> there are, stop the programs listed in the first column for those
> files. The space should then be available again.
> Note that if you did reboot recently (i.e. after the problem started),
> the above is not the cause.

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