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Re: recent kernel on SMP machine.

On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 03:39, Fred Heitkamp wrote:
> The last couple kernels I have tried failed to boot for me.
> I use the same .config file from working kernels to build
> new ones.
> I just tried a kernel from rsync on bitkeeper downloaded
> on the 17th (2.4.21-rc2).  I compile these kernels with
> gcc 3.2.2/3 When I boot the kernel complains about not being
> able to initialize the second CPU.  This line repeats over
> and over.  A kernel I tried a couple weeks previous
> to that gave an oops. The last kernel I have been able to run
> successfully is 2.4.21-pre2.

Did you use my devel rsync/bk or the official Marcelo one ?

Can you copy me the messages ?


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