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RE: Xfree86 / Debian 3.0 / ibook2 problems


Thursday (15.05.03), at 8:28am, Pisupati, Ajay wrote:

> Read Jesus Climent's most excellent page.
> at www.hispalinux.es/~data/ibook/
> specifically - configuring the system.
> -ajay

After installing Michel Daenzer's xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk as described on
the above page I can at least get X to start.  However the display looks
terrible, with lines and interference thoughout the screen.  Once I kill the
session, the console is unusable until I reboot. 

It seems what works for other ibook2's does not work for mine. Would it make
a difference that I bought my iBook in late 2002?  

I had quite a time trying to find specs for my ibook on Apple's website.
Does anyone have a link to a page with that kind of information?  

Would 4.2 have better support for my ibook? Or should I be using
xserver-xfree86-dri-mach64 instead?

Thank You,

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