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Re: keymaps question

On Fri, 2003-05-16 at 15:01, Frank Murphy wrote:
> I have an older clamshell iBook with a US keyboard. From the documentation on 
> Apple's website[1], the Apple logo/command key should be the windows key when 
> the special 'fn' key is held down. However, in both the console and XFree86, 
> the fn+Apple Logo generates keycode 116 on the console (using showkey), and 
> keycode 222 in X (using xev). Using an external keyboard, the Right Logo key 
> generates 126 on the console and 116 in X.
> Now I know I could configure this key separately as a new kewboard for both 
> console-data and X11, but I would think that this could be done in one place, 
> to make the iBook keyboard behave like the external one. Is there a place 
> where this should be changed?

For X, it would be one of the files

find /etc/X11/xkb -path \*macintosh\*

yields. Be careful not to break existing configurations though.

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