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Re: does G4 (altivec) speed up linux?

On Die, 2003-05-13 at 03:54, mushis@mail.lafayette.edu wrote: 
> After some help I got from you guys I am now a happy camper .. runing 
> Woody on my Beige M/T G3-400, 512Mb Ram, but I noticed that the mouse 
> movement is not smooth and applicaton load operations are sluggish. Is 
> there a way I can optimize this e.g. better drivers for my graphics board 

That's unlikely to make much difference.

> (which has 6Mb Vram), turning off some background services.

That might help if RAM is the bottleneck.

> And finally are there any applications on linux that will take advantage of the 
> altivec if I decided to go out and upgrade my g3 to g4 -zif.

There are some, in particular video players, but there will hopefully be
more in the future. :)

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