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Re: Debian + Mac OS X and time problems ...

Hi Tim

On Thursday, May 15, 2003, at 05:13  pm, Tim Weippert wrote:

i have both Debian (SID) and Mac OS X on a Powerbook G4. I have read
that Mac OS X use UTC to save/set the hardware clock.

I thought i have to say my Debian installation, that the clock will be
set to GMT and then calc the right time depend on the timezone, but it
is strange, the time isn't correct, it's about 20 hours in the future.

I can't figure out what i have to do to have the right time wihtin Mac
OS X and Debian (CEST Timezone Europe/Berlin)?

Has anyone an idea?

I've had this problem both on Intel and Mac (G4) machines; the solution I used was to rerun base-config and answer "no" to "Set hardware clock to GMT". Debian then seemed to use the time that had been established in OSX - it was a real pain having to reset the clock by an hour every time I booted into OSX ;-(



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