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Re: boot partition messed up after re-installing OS X

On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 11:03:02PM -0700, Nirmal Govind wrote:
> Hi.. I just reinstalled OS X on my Mac partition and now when I boot I get a 
> question mark for a second and then it shows me the screen where I need to 
> hit x for OS X or l for booting Debian... my original bootstrap partition was 
> on hda9 and Mac OSX on hda12, Debian on hda14... now it seems like it isn't 
> booting off hda9 on first try for some reason.. actually, I tried runing 
> maconlinux and it doesn't even seem to detect hda9 as a possible boot 
> partition... any idea how I can restore things to how they were so that when 
> I boot up, I get the screen which asks me to either hit x or l?

Probably all you need to do is re-run ybin. OS X de-blesses other
partitions when it's installed, and since you followed the guidelines
and put your boot partition before the Mac partitions, it still works ...
but only because it's the first partition with a bootable file. When
you re-run ybin, it will become re-blessed and be found more quickly.

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