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re-installing OS X fails... (slightly OT)

Hi.. I'm trying to donwgrade my OS X from 10.2.* to 10.1.* (since I only have
the latter CD on me right now) so that I can change my Mac partition from UFS
to HFS+ in order to run maconlinux.. however the install hangs with a smiley
face and a spinning disc every time no matter how I try to start teh install
(either by pressing C or by changing startup disk option or by simply double
clicking the program on the CD).. the CD is fine cos I was able to create an
image onto the hard disk from it.. could this have anything to do with the fact
that I have a dual boot system with a Debian ppc partition on it? If not, has
anyone come across such a problem while upgrading/reinstalling an existing dual
boot system?


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