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Re: next power up time, scheduled startup?, pmacpow does not work, nvram-wakeup?

On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 10:49:56PM +0100, Oliver Ripka wrote:
> Its really strange because the global varis in cuda/adb should be the same
> on every mac, shouldn't they? (just thinking about that, because the author
> says explicitly that this code will not work ob pb/ibooks)

Well, ADB itself is pretty much the same in every implementation, but
CUDA is just one possible implementation, and isn't on every Mac. The
original version of ADB (back on the Mac SE, Mac II, and others) just
had a shift register and a couple control bits and was very primitive.
There have been several chips designed as ADB controllers, and CUDA
is simply the most common, as it was introduced in the Quadra series
and lasted until Apple stopped shipping machines with ADB ports.
However, no laptop Mac has ever used CUDA as it's ADB controller. The
PMU was designed from the very beginning back in the old 68k PowerBooks
to include ADB as one of its features. The PMU is similar in many
ways to CUDA, and has almost all the same features, but is not 100%
identical. More details can be found in the source for the drivers.

	Brad Boyer

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