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What do I have to have installed ?

Well, hi everybody, 
as I keep getting ./configure errors I'd like to know what you guys 'n'
girls think that anyone has to have installed on his/her debian-system.

Yeah, I'm still a newbie and have to recognize I don't have no idea.
I'm running on a TiBook III and followed the advices on the famous
cattelgrid-page, sorry I forgot the authors name, only that I didn't
realy do the network-install from the other ibook-page but installed
from the first woody-cd and then, when, I think, debconf comes up for
the first time I told it to use the http-sources instead of more cds and
changed "stable" to "testing".
I'm not sure if this was before or after tasksel came up, but I'm sure I
did run it afterwards. I can't remember exactly what I choosed, but from
the first part I choosed all except the scientific-stuff, form
programming I choosed C, although I don't intend to become a C
programmer. Furthermore I choosed ftp-server,to be able to interchange
files, don't know if this was necesary, and later installed
openoffice.org, apache,java, php and mysql.
I'm writing this form within evolution in KDE3.1 so these I installed
Or other things that told me the "linux cookbook" or I felt I need like
xnap or mldonkey ;-)
So to me it seems I do nearly have a complete system, but as these
./configure errors keep occuring... I'know, I should do it with apt but
it seems that's not always possible.

What do I want ?
good question, I don't realy know, have a working system that does what
I want ;-) using a mac...
Well I could have sticked to Mac OS X, but I like the free software idea
too much to let linux happen without me, so what i need my system to do
for me is: be able to process what openoffice now does for me; organize
my photos, I'm still searching, iPhoto was cool; publish these photos on
the web, igal, with the help of some html editor, seems cool for a
start, play movies and dvd > mplayer; the usual www-stuff, I still
didn't find a fast-downloader, didn't ./configure; and yeah thats more
or less it. don't know if quake or something like this works on
linux-ppc, would be nice but not necesary.

I don't mind reading a lot to get involved with linux or searching the
web on these hints, only my problem right now is, that I only can
connect when I'm in the university, and there I don't have so much time,
got to learn something, as I spend the nights playing with linux.

Sorry for make you read that much and thanks for any comment.

ah, and if someone might point me out where I can find a DUMMY manual
for whereami or ifplugd I would be very gratefull.

ps: why is ftp-server and www-stuff blue while I write?

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