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Re: DRM on iMac with UNSTABLE

On Die, 2003-05-06 at 07:32, Joss Winn wrote:
> I've just upgraded from Woody to UNSTABLE and pretty much all is
> well.  I am using the 2.4.20-powerpc kernel and X 4.2.x on an iMac
> DV SE summer 2000.  I've had the r128 DRM working very well on this
> machine in the past and know it to be one of the supported cards.
> However, since the upgrade from 2.4.18/X 4.1.x, loading the r128
> module at 16 bits is causing the screen to split into two, half
> green, half black.  If I switch to 15 bits, DRI is not enabled.
> Is anyone else having the problem?  Is this a known problem?
> I've attached my X log taken just after a hang, and my XF86config
> file.  

I don't see any obvious problems in these unfortunately. Anything
interesting in the kernel output?

Does it work if you disable any (or in the worst case all) acceleration
primitives with the "XaaNo..." options documented in the XF86Config-4

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