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Re: Bad sound from iMac headphone jacks

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Matthew Buckett wrote:

> I'm running debian woody on a iMac 350 (slot loading) and I seem to get
> problems with the sound when it is sent through the headphones socket on
> the right of the machine. The sound is rough, not crackly, it's
> difficult to describe but definatly wrong.

Perhaps you are experiencing sound that sounds very compressed and tinny?
Using the setmixer package, my settings (for an iBook) are:

  edward@mass:~$ setmixer -V
      vol - 68,68
     bass - 50
   treble - 50
      pcm - 50,50
  speaker - 0
      mix - 0,0
     pcm2 - 0,0

...which sounds perfectly acceptable through headphones.  I did use to
have horribly distorted sound, and found that it was fixed by reducing
the `pcm' setting to 50%.  Don't know what it does, but it cheered me up
to have sound working.

Hope that wasn't too irrelevant,


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