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right shift key not working, but...

The Right Shiftkey Problem (RSP) has been with me since the 19 January
install of Yellow Dog 2.1 at VLUG, the Victoria Linux Users Group.  Between
commands (showkey) and (showkey -s) I have a ringside seat to the action,
and I can supply a record of both (already mapped out on paper with little
arrows) if desired.

But it is also interesting that one day the problem went away only to come
back another day.  Being a newbie I try to keep details of what I do in a
notebook but was unable to reproduce that event. Its importance may be that
the RSP is triggered by some other system event or series of events.

I recently discovered that Angela and Phillippe have also had this
difficulty, so I know it hits debian too.  Any new information on this?
I'd love to get on with life & linux.

Bob Trotta

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