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Re: standby issue on a TiBook III / latest benh's and daenzer's

On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 13:19, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> Well... you shouldn't need pbbuttonsd for that...

Went to sleep by closing lid, I meant.  When in VT 7 with X running,
unit would not wake up from sleep after closing and opening lid -- no
keys had any effect.  This changed once pbbuttonsd was running.

When in text VT (even with X running in VT 7)... hell now I can't
remember if it woke up immediately upon opening lid or if key press was
required.  I'll kill pbbuttonsd and try this when I have less going on
in case it crashes.

I figured the problem was due to lid open event not being caught
(because pbbuttonsd was not running).  In light of Ben's comment, I'm
not sure what to think now.  All I know was I could do nothing to make
the unit wake up after sleep by closing lid when in VT 7 running X until
pbbuttonsd was running.

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