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firewire dv video capture on tibook 400

Hello list folks

I am trying to get my jvc grdvl167eg dv camera and tibook 400 talking 
through the firewire port. My kernel is a 2.4.20-ben8 . I have the 
ieee1394 modules all loaded

cmp                     2676   0  (unused)
raw1394                 8672   0 
video1394              14836   0  (unused)
dv1394                 20052   0  (unused)
r128                  101112   2 
macserial              39172   0  (autoclean)
ohci1394               19680   0  [video1394 dv1394]
ieee1394 	       35528   0  [cmp raw1394 video1394 dv1394 ohci1394]

I would like to be able to capture video from the camera using either 
dvgrab or (preferably) kino. I have compiled kino 0.64 which apparently 
supports capture over dv1394. (the older version uses raw1394). 

I'm not having much success. I can see the camera using gscanbus (i 
believe this uses the raw1394 module), but kino won't capture from 
either dv1394 or raw1394. with dv1394, it says dv1394 - no such device 
(it should be using /dev/dv1394). for raw (/dev/raw1394) , it just 

ls -l /dev/ | grep 1394

crw-rw-rw-    1 root     root     171,  34 Apr 29 18:09 dv1394
crw-rw----    1 root     disk     171,   0 Apr 29 17:14 raw1394

I am running these programs as root (naughty naughty). 

I also seem to get some kernel oopses when i run gscanbus. Maybe the 
modules are clashing or something. 

Has anyone else successfully captured from a firewire camera under 
debian powerpc? if so, how?



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