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Procmail not picking up matches from Recipe


I've posted this to the procmail mailing list but include it here in case this is a Debian specific issue?

I have the following setup:

Debian Woody - getmail, mutt, exim, procmail.  Mailboxes are maildir
format AFAIK.

I am a relative newbie to Linux and a novice when it comes to mail handling. I've used Nancy McGough's guide to setting up procmail and from the logs, procmail appears to be working, except that it is not picking up matches as I would expect.

I've set up two recipes:

* ^Subject:.*test

* ^TO_.*@lists.debian.org

Logfile output from: tac Procmail/pmlog|less:

  Folder: /var/mail/clive
   Subject: Cron <clive@apollo> /usr/bin/getmail
   From clive@apollo Sat May 03 13:50:18 2003
   procmail: Unlocking "/var/mail/clive.lock"
   procmail: Acquiring kernel-lock
   procmail: Opening "/var/mail/clive"
   procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=/var/mail/clive"
   procmail: Locking "/var/mail/clive.lock"
   procmail: No match on
   procmail: Assigning "INCLUDERC=/home/clive/Procmail/rc.subscriptions"
   procmail: No match on "^Subject:.*test"
   procmail: Assigning "INCLUDERC=/home/clive/Procmail/rc.testing"
   procmail: Assigning "MAILDIR=/home/clive/Mail"
   procmail: [3673] Sat May  3 13:50:18 2003

I am collecting mail every 10 minutes (cron job) and I've been sending
test messages with the subject " a test 1 " etc.  I'm also receiving
constant posts to debian-user@lists.debian.org and
debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org but neither the tests nor the debian
list messages are being picked up by the recipes above; they are just
dropping into the inbox.

I suspect that I'm missing something really obvious but having gone
round in circles for the last 24 hours, I need help ;-)

Many thanks


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strategies for business
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d/l: 020 8348 0996
fax: 087 0705 2066

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