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Re: Debian install on beige G3 (Of 2.4)

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 08:30:31PM +0000, mushis@mail.lafayette.edu wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have been trying to install debian on my beige g3 minitower (g3-400, 512 
> Mb Ram, 18 Gig SCSI HD, DVD-ROM) and have been painfully unsuccesful.
> I had already lost my previous OS 9.2 because of an unsuccesful attempt at 
> putting on YellowDog Linux, and so turned to debian. I read all the stuff 
> about getting the OS 8 boot floopy, running SystemDisk 2.3 to patch my 
> OpenFirmare 2.4. I haven;t found any helpful information about Debian 
> install settings, such as boot file name, to specify in OF.
> Then when it comes to booting from the debian install floppy i get a 
> default catch error in Open Firmware when i type in "boot fd:0". I have 
> made at least 3 copies of the bootimage in Win2000 using rawrite and same 
> thing happens.
> Can someone who was been thru deb install on this type of machine please 
> give me some advice.

BootX is the best way for this machine, but the floppy should boot.
It's actually a Mac floppy, so to boot it you have to pretend as if
you're booting MacOS. Type bye or mac-boot at the OF prompt. If still
no joy, reset the PRAM.

Debian GNU/Linux Operating System
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Chris Tillman (a people instance)

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