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Re: Ethernet error problem - question

Hello Benjamin,

On 01.05.03, you wrote:

> Difficult to help you if you don't give more informations about
> the chipset (what driver are you using).

Well it's difficult question since I'm Debian newbe. I attached some info
from 'dmesg' concerning my ethernet card. Maybe that will help you?
I think that ethernet works fine despite described error. I can ping my eth
interface (from local machine). I use ethernet very rarely at home so I'm
not sure for 100% if it works when I get strange info in the console
window. It's not a big problem - I'm just curious whats may be wrong.

Bartosz (Bazant) Sokolowski
A1200T PPC603@210, 060@50, 192MB RAM, 
BVision, HD 30GB, FastATA etc. :)
Looking for PCMCIA ethernet card : ethernet PCMCIA card inserted
apne.c:v1.1 7/10/98 Alain Malek (Alain.Malek@cryogen.ch)
PCMCIA NE*000 ethercard probe 00 e0 98 34 8b 2a
eth0: NE2000 found.

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