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2.4.18-newpmac kernel compile problems

Hello all,

I am using the 2.4.18-newpmac kernel and cannot compile any additional software (mac-onlinux, opera, nagios, etc.) because I cannot locate kernel header files for this particular kernel.

I have downloaded the 2.4.18 source code and can compile against that header, but --of course? -- when I try to install and run the applications, they complain that they were compiled for a different version. I believe that I am compiling correctly, just against the wrong headers.

Can anyone suggest a method by which I can regenerate these header files? I am happy with the kernel and its functionality and would prefer not to have to build a custom kernel, since I'm not positive of the exact components in my PowerBook G3 Pismo. (Okay, God's honest truth -- I've already tried compiling my own kernel a coupla times and its always broken. There ...)

On the fairly high probability that I WILL have to recompile and reinstall a new kernel, does anyone know how I can recreate the exact same configuration options that came with 2.4.18-newpmac and which work so well?

Thanks, in advance.  Kent.

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