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Re: Quake3 under debian ppc?

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Rapha?l Haberer-Proust wrote:

> Hello,
> I have to admit that my question is not very important... But I was just
> wondering, if there is a possibility to play Quake3 under Linux ppc. I
> can play it under Linux x86 and under Mac OS9. Are there executables for
> Linux ppc?
As far as I know there aren't, IdSoftware has released Quake III
executables only for Win32 (x86), MacOS (ppc) and GNU/Linux (x86).

IMHO there's also a version for a system called MorphOS, an OS which
runs on ATARI/Pegasus hardware or similiar, anyway I'm not sure.

So nothing available for GNU/Linux ppc, yet and I don't actually know
if IdSoftware has plans to release such a Quake III executable ever.

> Thanks for any hint
> raph


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