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RE: RS6000 model 44p 170

>I booted with a kernel image from SuSE. You can download one on:
>You can boot from network, as howto says.  My dhcp configuration
>has a section as:
>host power3 {
>#       Desde el OpenFirmware de IBM 7044-140P:
>#       0> boot net console=ttyS0,9600
>        filename "/tftpboot/zImage.chrp-power3-2.4.16-SMP-3";
>        hardware ethernet 00:06:29:04:30:ae;
>        fixed-address my_ip;

I found another image at
ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/ppc/kernel/BETA/deflt/floppy/ and tried that.
This got further but hung with the following:

copying OF device tree... done
Initializing fake screen: display
Calling quiesce...
returning 00010000 from prom_init

I'm downloading the image from your site just now.  I'm not sure what you
mean when you say I can boot from a network, my network here consists of a
couple of laptops and the RS6000, none of which is a boot server.  Do you
mean that I could boot from a public server (which is not appealing) or have
I misunderstood?

Thanks for your help,


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