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RS6000 model 44p 170

I'm looking for help installing linux on this system.  I have seen many
howto's but I do not have a boot server so can't apply them directly.  I've
got a set of debian 3.0r1 CD's and tried using SMS to change the boot order
to boot from them but it just went straight to AIX (I saw no error
messages).  I then tried creating boot floppies (using dd under AIX) but the
same happened when booting.  I then tried using SMS to get to Open Firmware
(of which I know very very little) and tried a variety of "boot" commands.
All resulted in "Unrecognized Client Program format" and "state not valid"

Should the debian cd image created from
debian-30r1-powerpc-binary-1_NONUS.iso be bootable?
If so, how do I convince SMS to boot from it?
If not how should I create a boot floppy that will work and how do I get SMS
to boot that?

Any help or assistance greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Michael Cameron

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