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Re: would this break my debian installation?

> > I am no expert but I'm sure I've read here and elsewhere that the MacOS 
> > Apple boot block needs to be the first partition on the disk.  
> > Certainly when I installed Debian on my G4 I installed MacOSX first.
> Yes I had set it up ahead of time with the necessary partitions at the
> front of the drive, preparing to attempt an OS X install from w/in mol. 
> I left empty space at the back of the drive OS X's HFS+ file system.
> The OS X disk utility in the installer killed the existing Linux
> partitions that were in use (it was kind of "exciting" [because I did
> not care about having to do a Linux reinstall] to wait and see what
> would happen next, when I realized what had happened).  One window
> disappeared at a time, until I was left with a blank screen.
why did you use the mac os x disk utility though? i mean, basically
you should be able to just choose a partition from within the normal
os x installer.. no?

also: did you run mol as root? i wonder how it can kill your linux
partition, when you dont..

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