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ibook 2.2 trouble w/ -ben9 kernel

I've lurked on this list since purchasing my iBook 2.2 (12.1"/800mhz),
and thought I'd post my experiences with Ben's latest kernel (ben9).

I'd been running ben2 for quite a while, then decided to try out ben9 a
couple of days ago.  Everything was dandy until I put the 'book to
sleep.  When I attempted to wake it up, the display was dark.  I
rebooted it manually and it booted directly into Mac OS X, but with no
display (I was able to SSH into the box).  So... I rebooted and zapped
the PRAM and it booted fine into Linux (like normal).  About an hour later
I noticed some severe corruption of my display, and the system froze

Thinking that it was just a kernel problem, I zapped the PRAM again.
I reverted to my previous 2.4.20-ben2 kernel, hoping to cure the
madness.  However, after a few minutes of use, I got the same display
corruption and the system froze completely.

Zapped the PRAM again and booted into Mac OS X - same situation.  After
about 20 minutes of light use, the system froze and the display was

So, any ideas?


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