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Re: New sleep code for ATI M6, M7 and M9

Claas Langbehn <claas@rootdir.de> writes:

> Hi Ben!
> On my iBook 500, the patch works. But I cannot see any improvement,
> since sleeping always worked. With the patch it still works.

The power consumption should be increased. Read the whole thread.

> Only one thing: When waking up, the screen is switched on again, and is
> scrambled at first. But after 1-2 seconds it is redrawn and then 100%
> OK. I consider this to be normal. I don't know how this is with OS X.

In Mac OS X it happens, that you see the old screen on wake up and after 1 or
2 seconds you see the screen saver, if got that activated. If you didn't activated
the screen saver you won't be able to do something in this time.

> Maybe it would be possible to reduce these 1-2 seconds to zero.
> Bye, Claas 

Eric Böse-Wolf
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