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Re: Internet connection test fails on PowerBookG3

Hi dylan and Clive,

Thanks for your advise. But I think I am not far from a solution, as my
internet connection can be established already, the only thing "hanging" is
the final connection to the specific mirror folder during running of

Referring to the mentioned link, I want to do everything without a CD burner
and with files to download over my 56K modem connection not bigger than 80

My intention was to install a minimal system as woody with it's kernel
v.2.2.20 and then upgrade only the kernel to v.2.4.20+ and install all the
other programs I might need (emacs, xfree11, Abiword, Gimp etc.) with

By the way, how can I download the 2.4.20ben8 kernel with rsync to my Mac
not being able to download it through Debian? Do I damage the file when I
download it through fink and store it on an HFS+ partition?


> why not download one of the base-system iso's here:
> http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/
> then boot the machine into macos, run bootx with the kernel and ramdisk
> images from the cd or the debian ftp site.
> that seems to best the easiest way to install on an old-world machine...
> dylan
> on 03.3.14 3:12 AM, Clive Menzies at clive@clivemenzies.co.uk wrote:
>> On Friday, March 14, 2003, at 07:27  am, Bernd wrote:
>>> Can anybody tell my what I am doing wrong? Shall I replace the kernel
>>> to v.
>>> 2.4.20? I can't do it until I have a working internet connection.
>> I found that the 2.4 kernel series solved a lot of problems for me.
>> Could you not redo the installation using MacOS to download the latest
>> floppy images with the newer kernel?
>> Regards
>> Clive

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