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Re: php4 package broken

On Fre, 2003-03-14 at 12:28, Jean-Christophe Michel wrote:
> I use a testing on Pismo G3. After I made a dist-upgrade to update all
> packages on hold, aptitude asked to remove php4 package because an unmet
> dependancy with libc6 (it seems to me...)

The problem is probably that the current libc6 in testing and sid conflicts with
php4 (<< 4:4.2.3-5)

> I need php4. How can I 
> 1. downgrade to have previous version back

You'd basically have to go back to stable for that.

> 2. get php4 from unstable without upgrading all ?
> (I tried to add a line with unstable in sources.list and 
> put in preferences


You could also simply try apt-get -t unstable install php4 .

> but apt-get update hangs on
> E: Dynamic MMpa ran out of room

This has been discussed here before.

echo 'APT::Cache-Limit "8388608";' >> /etc/apt/apt.conf

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