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Re: Airsnort on ibook

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 08:32:47AM +0100, Clemens Mangler wrote:
> hi all!
> i was trying to get information about airsnort on ibook.
> there is one link http://macunix:8000/ibook, but it seems broken (i tried
> also other ports).
> does anybody have a cached copy of this site or can tell me where i can
> find come info to get started?

I used the orinoco patches pointed out from this site:
<URL: http://www.swieskowski.net/code/wifi.php>

I then "went unstable", removed and reinstalled all packages related
to Airsnort. I then manually inserted the freshly compiled orinoco_cs
module and put the card into monitor mode using iwpriv and then it 
started working.

Unfortunately my iBook's monitor decided to start malfunction so I 
haven't had the patience to check if it can monitor channels other 
than the one specified with iwpriv.

Has anyone here used Airsnort with a GPS? I'm interrested in ways of
presenting the analyzis using a fancy map/diagram whatever.
I'm also interrested in hearing experiences with kismet if anyone
here has any. I can't experiment other then with my girlfriends PC
until I get my iBook fixed or replaced.


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